Brake Pad D4060-1LB0B
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Brake Pad D4060-1LB0B

Brand Nissan

Part No D4060-1LB0B

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Nissan

Made In Japan

Brake Pad

Brake Pad

Nissan Original Rear Brake Pad

Supported Nissan Platinum Y62

Replacing brake pads can improve your car’s performance, reliability and safety.

If you don’t mind taking care of your car yourself, you can replace brake pads yourself.

As with any car repair or upgrade, consult manual for or special information before you begin.

Replacing your NISSAN brake pads will be a lot easier if you use the PDF guides and video tutorials listed .

They are created by professional auto mechanics.

These manuals will help you with any problems you may have when replacing your NISSAN brake pads.

If the part of the piston protruding from the brake cylinder interferes with the installation of the brake pads,

the piston needs to be lowered back into the cylinder.

To do this, use a special tool to sink the piston into the bottom of the working cylinder until it stops.

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