Front Window Moulding 75642-60021
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Front Window Moulding 75642-60021

Brand Toyota

Condition Genuine New LH Side

Supported Land Cruiser 100 1998-2005.

Lexus LX470 2002-2007.

Front Window Moulding

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Front Window Moulding

The front window molding on a Toyota Land Cruiser is the trim piece that runs along the outside edge of the front

windshield. It helps to seal the windshield and protect it from water and other debris. The front window molding on a Land

Cruiser is typically made of plastic or rubber and can be easily replaced if it becomes damaged or worn.

You can find the front window molding for a Toyota Land Cruiser from Toyota dealerships or from reputable auto parts

retailers. You can also purchase reputation and reviews before making your purchase.

Toyota Genuine Parts are the original equipment parts manufactured by Toyota specifically for Toyota vehicles.

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