Genuine Cover Timing 11310-38060
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Genuine Cover Timing

Toyota Cover Sub ASSY, Timing Chain OR Belt

Supported Model Toyota Land Cruiser 2009-2021.Lexus LX570 2009-2015.Toyota Tundra 2007-2019.

Toyota Sequoia 2007-2017.

The Toyota Cover Sub Assembly for the Timing Chain or Belt is a crucial component in the engine system. It helps protect the timing components such as the chain or belt, gears, and sprockets from debris and other environmental elements. The cover sub assembly also helps to maintain proper tension on the timing components and keeps oil contained in the engine. A high-quality Toyota Cover Sub Assembly can ensure that your timing system operates smoothly and helps prevent costly repairs. “New Capital Star Auto Parts” offers a durable and reliable Cover Sub Assembly for Toyota vehicles, designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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