Genuine Housing 11061-1LA0A
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Genuine Housing

Nissan Housing Thermostat

Supported Model Infiniti QX56 2011-2013.Ifiniti QX80 2014-2016.Nissan Patrol Y62 2010-2022.

A thermostat housing in a Nissan vehicle is a component that houses the thermostat, which is responsible for regulating the engine’s coolant temperature. The housing is typically made of metal and is located near the engine block. It is connected to the engine block and the upper radiator hose, and it contains a spring-loaded valve that controls the flow of coolant to the engine.

The thermostat is a temperature-sensitive device that is located inside the housing. It is designed to open and close based on the engine’s coolant temperature, allowing coolant to flow through the engine when the temperature is too high, and restricting the flow of coolant when the temperature is too low.

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