Genuine Lexus Brake Pad 04466-0K010
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Genuine Lexus Brake Pad 04466-0K010

Brand Lexus

Part No 04466-0K010

Condition Genuine New Part

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Thailand

Genuine Lexus Brake Pad

Genuine Lexus Brake Pad

Lexus Pad Kit, Disc Brake Rear

Supported Model Lexus RX350 450H 2008-2012

Super Seeded No TOYOTA 04466-30280 TOYOTA 04466-30280-79 TOYOTA 04466-30281

TOYOTA 04466-30281-79 TOYOTA 04466-30282 TOYOTA 04466-30282-79

TOYOTA 04466-30290 TOYOTA 04466-30300 TOYOTA 04466-30310 TOYOTA 04466-30311

TOYOTA 04466-30312 TOYOTA 04466-30330 TOYOTA 04466-30340 TOYOTA 04466-47050

TOYOTA 04466-47051 TOYOTA 04466-47070 TOYOTA 04466-47071 TOYOTA 04466-47093

TOYOTA 04466-47140 TOYOTA 04466-48130 TOYOTA 04466-48130-79

TOYOTA 04466-52180 TOYOTA 04466-53020

“New Capital Star Auto Parts” offers a high-quality rear brake pad for Lexus vehicles. The brake pad is designed to provide optimal braking performance and durability, ensuring that your vehicle stops quickly and smoothly. The pad is manufactured using premium materials to meet or exceed OEM specifications, and is rigorously tested to ensure reliable and consistent performance. Whether you’re driving on city streets or the highway, you can count on the rear brake pad from “New Capital Star Auto Parts” to keep you and your passengers safe.

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