Genuine Panel Front End 53904-60010
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Genuine Panel Front End 53904-60010

Brand Toyota

Part No 53904-60010

Condition Genuine New  LH

Supported Model Toyota Land Cruiser 100 2005.

Genuine Panel Front End 

Genuine Panel Front End

Toyota Genuine Parts are available at authorized Toyota dealerships, and they can also be found through online retailers

that specialize in Toyota parts. It’s important to use Toyota Genuine Parts when performing repairs or maintenance on a

Toyota vehicle to ensure proper fit, function, and to maintain the vehicle’s warranty.

A Genuine Panel Front End is a factory original replacement part for the front of a vehicle. It refers to the front end panel

that covers the front of the vehicle, including the front grille, headlights, bumper, and fenders. It is usually made of plastic

or sheet metal and is designed to protect the front of the vehicle from dust, dirt, and other debris,

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