Lexus Front Lower Arm 48069-48070
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Lexus Front Lower Arm 48069-48070

Brand Lexus

Part No 48069-48070

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Lexus

Made In Japan

Lexus Front Lower Arm

Lexus Front Lower Arm

Lexus Arm Sub ASSY, Front Suspension, Lower No.1 LH

Supported Model Lexus RX270 350 450H 2015-2019.

The Lexus Arm Sub-ASSY, Front Suspension, Lower No.1 LH refers to the lower front suspension control arm assembly for

the left-hand (LH) side of a Lexus vehicle. This control arm assembly is a critical component in the vehicle’s suspension

system, as it connects the steering knuckle (or hub) to the vehicle’s frame. It allows the wheel to move up and down while

keeping the wheel aligned to the vehicle’s frame and steering. The Arm Sub-ASSY is manufactured by Lexus or one of its

approved suppliers and is designed to meet the exact specifications and tolerances of the original equipment. It is typically

made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the high stresses and temperatures of an operating

suspension. As a result, it is a reliable and durable option for maintaining or repairing your Lexus vehicle’s front


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