Lexus Genuine Display 86680-48191-C0
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Lexus Genuine Display 86680-48191-C0

Brand Lexus

Part No 86680-48191-C0

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Lexus

Made In Japan

Lexus Genuine Display

Lexus Genuine Display

Lexus Genuine Display ASSY Television

Supported Model Lexus RX Series 2017-2019.Lexus RX350L RX450HL 2017.

The display assembly, also known as the television display, is a component in the Lexus RX Series (RX350L and RX450HL)

that is responsible for displaying various types of information on the vehicle’s infotainment system. This can include

navigation, audio, climate control, and other settings. The display assembly is typically located on the dashboard or center

console of the vehicle and is controlled by a touch screen or buttons on the steering wheel.

It’s important to use a genuine Lexus part for the display assembly to ensure proper fit and function, as well as compatibility

with the vehicle’s infotainment system.

If the display assembly becomes damaged or non-functional, it will need to be replaced to restore full

functionality to the infotainment system.

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