Lexus Genuine Rear Bumper 52159-60999
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Lexus Genuine Rear Bumper 52159-60999

Brand Lexus

Part No 52159-60999

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Lexus

Made In Japan

Lexus Genuine Rear Bumper

Lexus Genuine Rear Bumper

Genuine Lexus Cover, Rear Bumper

Supported Lexus LX570 2012-2015.

A Lexus genuine rear bumper is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement part for the rear bumper of a

Lexus vehicle. These parts are manufactured by Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of Toyota, and are designed to fit and

function specifically with Lexus vehicles. These parts are considered genuine because they are made by the original

equipment manufacturer (OEM) and are designed to meet the same standards for quality, fit, and performance as the

original parts that came on the vehicle when it was first manufactured.

A Lexus genuine rear bumper is typically made of durable plastic or metal and is designed to protect the rear of the vehicle

from damage in the event of a collision. It can be purchased from a Lexus dealership or an authorized Lexus parts retailer.

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