Nissan Ashtray Console 96510-VS70A
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Nissan Ashtray Console 96510-VS70A

Brand Nissan

Part No 96510-VS70A

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Nissan

Made In Japan

Nissan Ashtray Console

Nissan Ashtray Console

Genuine Nissan Patrol Y61 Ashtray Console

Supported Model Nissan Patrol Y61

A genuine Nissan Patrol Y61 Ashtray Console is a replacement part for the ashtray and console in a Nissan Patrol Y61. It is

the ashtray console that is located inside the vehicle, usually between the front seats, it is designed to hold cigarettes and

ash, and it is often integrated with the center console. This part is manufactured by Nissan and is designed to meet the

specific specifications and requirements of the Nissan Patrol Y61. It is recommended to use genuine Nissan parts for

replacement to ensure proper fit and function.

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