Nissan Clutch Disc 30100-3XA0B
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Nissan Clutch Disc 30100-3XA0B

Brand Nissan

Part No 30100-3XA0B

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Nissan

Made In Japan

Nissan Clutch Disc

Nissan Clutch Disc

Genuine Nissan Clutch Disc

A Genuine Nissan Clutch Disc is a component of a vehicle’s clutch system. It is responsible for transmitting power from the

engine to the transmission. The clutch disc is located between the pressure plate and the flywheel and is made of a friction

material that allows it to grip and release the flywheel as the driver changes gears. The Genuine Nissan Clutch Disc is

manufactured by Nissan or an authorized supplier, ensuring that it meets the company’s specifications and standards for

quality and performance. It is designed to be used specifically in Nissan vehicles and may not be compatible with other

makes and models. A clutch disc assembly is a component of a vehicle’s clutch system, which is responsible for connecting

and disconnecting the engine from the transmission. The assembly typically consists of a clutch disc, which is sandwiched

between the pressure plate and the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the pressure plate releases its grip on the

clutch disc, allowing the engine and transmission to disconnect, and the vehicle to shift gears.

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