Nissan Genuine Table ASSY 87634-VD110
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Nissan Genuine Table ASSY 87634-VD110

Brand Nissan

Part No 87634-VD110

Condition Genuine New

Color Black

Supported Nissan Patrol Y61

Nissan Genuine Table ASSY

Nissan Genuine Table ASSY

The Nissan Genuine Table ASSY, Back Front Seat is a factory-made and factory-installed option for some Nissan vehicles. It

is a foldable table that attaches to the back of the front seat, providing a convenient surface for passengers to use while in

the vehicle. This table is designed to be compatible with the specific make and model of the Nissan vehicle it is installed in,

and is made with the same high-quality materials and standards as the rest of the vehicle. It is typically available as an

option on higher-end trim levels, or as part of a package.

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