Rod Engine moving Control 12363-31033
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Rod Engine moving Control 12363-31033

Brand Lexus

Part No 12363-31033

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Lexus

Made In Japan

Rod Engine Moving Control

Rod Engine Moving Control

Genuine Toyota Engine Moving Control

Supported Model Lexus ES250 350 300H 2012-2015.

The “Lexus Genuine Engine Moving Control” (EMC) is a feature that is available on some Lexus vehicles. It is designed to

reduce engine movement and vibration while driving, which can improve the overall driving experience and make the

vehicle feel more stable and smooth. This feature is typically controlled by the vehicle’s computer system and may be

adjustable through the vehicle’s settings or through the use of an aftermarket device. The EMC feature is only available in

certain Lexus models, you should check with Lexus dealer or car manual to know if your car has this feature.

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