Toyota Brake Booster ASSY 47050-60321
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Toyota Brake Booster ASSY 47050-60321

Brand Toyota

Part No 47050-60321

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Japan

Toyota Brake Booster ASSY

Toyota Brake Booster ASSY

Genuine Toyota Brake Booster ASSY, W/Master Cylinder

Supported Model Toyota Land Cruiser 2011-2012. Lexus LX450D 460 570 2011-2012.

The brake booster assembly, along with the master cylinder, is a crucial component of the braking system in a Toyota Land

Cruiser or Lexus LX450D, LX460, or LX570. It is responsible for providing additional force to the brake pedal, making it

easier for the driver to apply the brakes. The brake booster assembly uses vacuum pressure from the engine to amplify the

force applied to the brake pedal. It’s important to use a genuine Toyota or Lexus part for the brake booster assembly to

ensure proper fit and function. If the brake booster assembly becomes damaged or leaks, it will need to be replaced to

ensure the vehicle’s braking system is working properly.

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