Toyota Center Bearing 37230-29055
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Toyota Center Bearing 37230-29055

Brand Toyota

Part No 37230-29055

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Japan

Toyota Center Bearing

Toyota Center Bearing

Toyota Genuine Bearing ASSY, Center Support, No.1

Supported Toyota HiAce 2005-2019.

The Toyota HiAce Genuine Bearing ASSY, Center Support, No.1 is a replacement part for the center support bearing

assembly on a Toyota HiAce vehicle. It is a factory-made part made by Toyota specifically for the HiAce, and is designed to

fit and function correctly in the vehicle. This part is responsible for supporting the driveshaft and it is important to have it in

good working order to ensure proper operation of the driveshaft and the transmission. It can be purchased through a

Toyota dealership or an authorized Toyota parts retailer. The Toyota HiAce is a commercial van and a minibus model, it is

known for its durability and reliability, but like any other vehicle, it needs regular maintenance and replacement of worn out

parts to keep it running smoothly.

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