Toyota Emblem Hood 75303-60070
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Toyota Emblem Hood 75303-60070

Brand Toyota

Part No 75303-60070

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Japan

Toyota Emblem Hood

Toyota Emblem Hood

Toyota Genuine Emblem Sub ASSY, Hood

Supported Model Toyota Land Cruiser 100 1998-2005.

The Toyota genuine emblem sub-ASSY is a factory original replacement part for the Toyota emblem on the front or rear of

the vehicle. It typically includes the emblem itself, as well as any necessary mounting hardware. The emblem is usually

made of plastic or metal and features the Toyota logo. A Toyota genuine emblem sub-ASSY is designed to provide an exact fit

and finish to the original emblem on the car, ensuring that it looks and functions as intended. You can purchase a Toyota

genuine emblem sub-ASSY from an authorized Toyota dealership or from an online retailer that specializes in Toyota parts.

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