Toyota Emblem Side Panel 75374-47061
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Toyota Emblem Side Panel 75374-47061

Brand Toyota

Part No 75374-47061

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Japan

Toyota Emblem Side Panel

Toyota Emblem Side Panel

Genuine Toyota Emblem Side Panel Hybrid

Supported Model Toyota Prius 20211-2020.

A hybrid emblem side panel typically refers to a decorative panel or badge that is placed on the side of a hybrid vehicle to

indicate that it is a hybrid model. The emblem or badge may feature the word “Hybrid” or a symbol, such as a stylized image

of an electric plug or battery, to indicate the vehicle’s hybrid powertrain. This emblem or badge is usually found on the side

of the car, near the front or rear doors, and is often placed in a location that is easily visible to others. It’s a way for the

vehicle owner to show off the hybrid feature of the car.

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