Toyota Genuine Brake Pad 04465-YZZE3
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Toyota Genuine Brake Pad 04465-YZZE3

Brand Toyota

Part No 04465-YZZE3

Condition Genuine New Part

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Japan

Toyota Genuine Brake Pad

Toyota Genuine Brake Pad

Toyota Pad Kit, Disc Brake Front

Supported Model Toyota Yaris 2008-2015.Toyota Vios 2007-2012.

Super Seeded No TOYOTA 04465-0D140 TOYOTA 04465-12640 TOYOTA 04465-52180 TOYOTA 04465-52200
TOYOTA 04465-52260 TOYOTA 04465-AZ017-TM TOYOTA 04465-B1350 TOYOTA 04465-YZZE3
TOYOTA 04465-0W140 TOYOTA AY040-TY078 TOYOTA V9118A104

A Toyota pad kit, disc brake front is a set of brake pads and other related components that are manufactured by Toyota specifically for use in the front disc brake systems of their vehicles. The kit includes brake pads, shims, and hardware (if required) to replace the front brake pads. These brake pads are designed to fit and function properly with the specific make and model of Toyota vehicle for which they are intended. They are made with high-quality materials and are tested to meet Toyota’s strict standards for performance and durability.

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