Toyota Genuine Tensioner 13540-88570
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Toyota Genuine Tensioner 13540-88570

Brand Toyota

Part No 13540-88570

Condition Genuine New

Packing Original

Manufacturer Toyota

Made In Japan

Toyota Genuine Tensioner

Toyota Genuine Tensioner

Genuine Toyota Tensioner ASSY

Supported Model Toyota Altezza

The tensioner assembly is a component in the Toyota Altezza that helps maintain proper tension on the engine’s timing belt.

The timing belt is responsible for synchronizing the movement of the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft, and it needs to be

under the right tension to function properly. The tensioner assembly uses a spring-loaded arm to apply pressure to the

timing belt, keeping it tight. It’s important to use a genuine Toyota part for the tensioner assembly to ensure proper fit and

function. If the tensioner assembly becomes worn or damaged, it can cause the timing belt to slip, resulting in engine

damage. It is recommended to be replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

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